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How can hemp solve environmental and social problems?

There are hundreds of scientific studies and research reports that clearly demonstrate how beneficial hemp is for the planet and its population. The following are some examples of how hemp can provide an alternative solution to a number of social and environmental issues Ireland and the world faces;

  • Environmentally hemp can reduce our CO2 emissions drastically and quickly. A cleaner, healthier population of plants, animals, and humans will benefit the collective and our planet as a whole.
  • Cannabis can be used as a rotation crop for farmers/ landowners struggling with the spiraling cost of keeping livestock healthy and getting a fair wage for the work they do. It will also benefit our soils ecosystem hugely and repair the damage done by overgrazing rapidly, Chernobyl project.
  • Hempcrete can be used as a sustainable building material and is proven to build more eco-friendly breathable homes that stay warm in winter and cool down in summer.
  • Hemp can be used to make clothing, rope, paper and is an alternative to plastic that can biodegrade safely and fully within six months. Henry Ford built his first car from hemp!
  • The medical benefits of cannabis at this point simply cannot be denied. There are literally thousands of patients world wide using this plant to naturally help them with everything from cancer to depression.

One acre of hemp will absorb as much as four acres of mature trees. Trees release CO2 when they are felled, hemp does not. One acre of hemp will grow to maturity in 5 months, trees take years to grow and mature.

‘Trees are the poems the earth writes for the sky’ they are homes for millions of other species. Trees are ancient wise beings who carry the wisdom and knowledge of Mother Earth, who are we to harm them for our own personal gain, when cannabis provides an easy cheaper alternative.

Bio plastics can be produced from hemp, a hemp-plastic bottle will fully biodegrade in just 80 days. A regular plastic bottle will take approximately 150 years!

While leaking toxic waste such as polyvinyl chloride PVC into the soil or any bodies of water it comes into contact with. Studies show that if a plastic bottle is placed in a liter of water within 72 hours the toxic leaching begins and slowly pollutes the body of water it is left to rot in.

Hemp production for clothing fibers requires 40% less water than cotton, hemp will produce three times the amount of cotton on the same piece of land, it will also grow quicker in almost any climate and is far easier to harvest.