Online or in the comfort of your home or office, designed around your goals.


Private Yoga Classes

We believe yoga is rewarding in every sense and especially when it is tailored to your needs. Increase your flexibility and balance while reducing tension, anxiety, stress, and muscle discomfort. Practicing the yoga forms will allow your true self to outbound your senses making you calm, healthy, and fit. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a veteran in yoga, you can benefit by honing your skills and expanding your horizon. Our private yoga lessons offer a spectrum of advantages.

These classes specifically focus on Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and breathing techniques. Our primary focus is on building connection between the instructor and the student to interact and perform the techniques effortlessly. Our private yoga classes provide one-on-one Zoom calls with a minimum of 4 sessions. Designed around your goals, we typically consider your priorities. You can increase the sessions according to your schedule and availability. Also, get an appointment for reflexology in the Dublin area. Even access the recorded lessons from anywhere around the world and get ready to roll out your special hemp mat!

Benefits of Our Private Yoga Classes

Set According to Your Convenience
Access the live or recorded Zoom lessons from anywhere around the world whether it’s your residence or holiday rental. We respect your schedules and let you decide on the location at your convenience.

Monthly Workshops around the Country
Getting out of your comfort zone is the essence of yoga. We conduct monthly workshops in locations that are peaceful, filled with nature, and meditation friendly. Ensuring you are open to the level of self-consciousness.

Personalized Assistance
We keep your comfort as our top priority. In case, you have any injury or face any discomfort while performing the poses, we can adapt to new poses and movements.

40-Day Yogic Challenges for Winter and Summer Solstices
Challenges push our inner limits to achieve something better and we believe in it. We organize 40-day yogic challenges for winter and summer solstices accordingly by designing the schedules with different types of practices.

Top-Notch Instructors
Our all yoga teachers go through extensive screening to guarantee that they have the best possible personalized yoga experience.

Adopted Safety Measure
We strictly consider the need for identity verification prior to class to protect the safety and comfort of everyone.