Yoga is a discipline of mental, physical, and spiritual practices and it achieves enlightenment when one performs with a calm mind. Though, an environment that offers an individual a calm mind is hard to find. But this differs when they are surrounded by people with similar interests. This gives students an interdependency to learn from one another’s form and work towards the same attainment. When we cooperate, we can grow stronger and more conscious together.

Our group yoga classes are conducted live on Zoom calls giving everyone the convenience to practice from their comfortable setup. Our classes are approximately 30-60 minutes long depending on your convenience and package. Our group yoga classes run 5 days a week every morning from 6:15 to 6:45 AM laying an effective focus on attending to each student with proper guidance. To improve the level of self-consiousness, we arrange monthly in-person workshops at different locations around the island of Ireland. During the classes, our top-tier instructors will work on increasing your energy with the help of consistent practice. We also conduct 40-day yogic challenges for winter and summer solstices and conduct both – Kundalini and Yin-style yoga on specific days and times. We are also available for reflexology treatment appointments in the Dublin area.

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There are several benefits of our group yoga classes:

  • Peaceful and Suitable Atmosphere: We usually conduct our classes in locations that are peaceful and work on surrounding you with positive people. Even if don’t have friends or family beside you, you’ll always find someone to encourage and motivate you.
  • Challenging environment: For beginners, yoga is not easy. Exercises like meditation, and breathing techniques need a calm mind, and excelling in them is challenging. There are similar practices that require flexibility and beginners face this problem as well. Our highly trained instructors always remain to support and encourage you all the while.
  • Source of Motivation: Our classes are incredibly motivating and consist of members that are too stubborn to miss their yoga days. Being surrounded by this environment provides motivation and develops the sense of practicing better than them. It develops healthy competition.