It looks like you or one of your loved ones is going through the pain of lower back pain and that is why you are on this page. You know Lower back pain can be terribly uncomfortable. Right? In order to relieve their lower back pain, people commonly rely to over-the- counter pills without considering the potential adverse effects.  Yoga is the solution for everyone experiencing lower back pain and seeking a nature cure for the condition.

There are a couple of Yoga poses that may help manage back pain. Mountain Pose, Cow Stretch, Child’s pose, Bridge’s pose are a few stress-relieving exercises that stretches the legs, hip joints, and spine.

Yoga is advised for those who desire mild, efficient exercise, but it frequently highlights a neck or back issue that already exists. The severe stretching required may cause discomfort to worsen in people with undetected spinal problems.

Pain might result from improper form or rounding of the back when performing poses like cobra or upward dog. Poses that bend forward, such downward dog, can be painful.

Follow your body’s cues. During the positions, you should only feel a slight stretch, not a strenuous strain. To ensure you are exercising with the proper form, enrol in a class with a qualified teacher at Hemp Higher Yoga. As you gain flexibility and strength, ask your instructor if there are any beginner-level variations of the poses you are doing in class. Bridge pose, side plank, and plank are a few positions that can be used to strengthen the back and core.