Our Hemp Yoga Mat details
• Hand Rolled & packaged using environmentally conscious recyclable materials

• Dimensions; Length 70 inches Width 24 inches depth 5mm

• Easy to wipe clean, we recommend making your own natural chemical-free mixture, 3 parts water 1 part vinegar, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil

• A % of your purchase goes directly to protecting our Earth’s forests

Our Hemp Higher Yoga mats promise you thousands of hours of supported yoga flow, it may become your most beautiful and inspiring meditation partner yet!

Hemp Higher Yoga wants you to know, by purchasing this mat you are honoring Mother Earth, the ancient teachings of Yoga, and the glorious kingdom of plants.

Why choose Hemp Higher Yoga mats?

• Sustainable, reliable, and an economically viable mat choice for Yoga & Earth lovers everywhere❤

• Our mats are made of 60% renewable Hemp and 40% sustainable rubber

• Anti-bacterial, durable, comfortable fibers

• Designed in Ireland, created by our sustainable, family-run manufacturers in China

• 100% Biodegradable hemp mat and strap