Each employee of your team has a critical role to play in the overall success of your company. Employees are often faced with chronic stress that can play a huge role in developing anxiety, reduced cognitive abilities, and poor performance. To correct this, our high-quality corporate yoga classes are just what you need. We provide in-person or online yoga classes as per the needs of the corporates and offer lunchtime express classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Our corporate yoga classes are fully designed for approximately 45-60 mins ensuring we provide enough time for employees to stretch themselves. During the course, we offer online timetables via Zoom and focus on Kundalini and Yin styles on specific days and times. Our practices have proved that practicing yoga for even just a few minutes during the workday can result in increasing concentration and efficiency. Our corporate yoga classes improve mood and general well-being in addition to relieving tension, and anxiety. Apart from this, it leaves you feeling revitalized and full of energy and enthusiasm for the tasks at hand. Additionally, we also provide 40-day yogic challenges for winter and summer solstices and appointments for reflexology treatment in the Dublin area.


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Advantages for Employers

Advantages for Employees

According to the American Journal of Health Promotion, corporations save approximately $3 – $6 on every $1 invested in yoga under wellness programs.

Improves productivity and the ability to react calmly to demanding situations.

Employers realize more than a 25% reduction in healthcare costs, thereby improving their bottom line.

Helps reduce stress, anxiety, chronic diseases, insomnia, and carpel tunnel syndrome.

According to research conducted at Bangor University, employees who attended yoga for 2 months missed only 2 days due to musculoskeletal disorders. Whereas, employees who did not take yoga missed 36 days.

Increases decision-making skills, concentration skills, and the ability to multi-task with efficiency.