It’s allergy season, which means that many of us have itchy or watery eyes, runny noses, and coughing and sneezing. Most of the time, antihistamines are used to treat sudden allergic rhinitis. However, there is a more traditional treatment that strengthens the body and makes it less sensitive to allergens. Our yoga for seasonal allergies focuses on treating almost any problem related to seasonal allergies. Whether it has recently affected you or been around you for a very long time. Our professional yoga instructors focus on providing excellent guidance. When done right, certain yoga poses not only help you breathe better and protect your body from allergies, but they also strengthen your lung muscles, improve your mental state, and give you more overall stamina.

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These typical allergic reactions are actually your body’s defense mechanism against harmful germs and viruses. Most of us have allergies at some point during the year. They can be caused by direct sunlight, pollen from flowers or trees that are just starting to grow leaves, the latex in flowers or fruits, or being close to dust or dirt. Our expert yoga instructor assesses you all the while and guides you through several ways to cure your seasonal allergies. This includes practicing various concerned asanas, kriyas, pranayamas, etc:

  • Shoulder-Stand Pose (Salamba Sarvangasana)
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Sodhana)
  • Warrior pose (Veerabhadrasana)
  • Fish Pose (Matsya Asana)
  • Skull Shining Breath (Kapalabhati

We maintain consistent yoga practice and believe that this is associated with better general health and increased local resistance in the airways. These both make it simpler for the body to fight off allergies. One more fantastic and highly effective result of the same practices is stress management. We make sure that it helps you relax and keep your emotions in check.