Yoga & Ancient Philosophy

Yogic science is the ancient teachings that have traditionally been taught from Guru to student creating a golden chain of mystical knowledge that may be practiced through physically movement (asana) breath work and meditation. Yoga’s recent exodus from East to West has gifted millions of us with the powerful self realization tools we need to remember who we are. 

Cannabis Sativa aka hemp, has been worshiped for thousands of years by ancient cultures for its healing and therapeutic benefits. In Indian philosophy, cannabis is woven deeply into the tapestry of spiritual culture. According to the Sanskrit translation, the fourth book of the Veda’s states, that Cannabis is ‘one of the five kingdoms of herbs that relieves anxiety’

In the Ayurveda teachings hemp is described as the herbal medicine used in healing preparations and purification of the body and mind. The Anandakanda text dedicates a whole chapter to cannabis. It describes in detail the nine stages of ceremonial preparations for aliments such as memory loss, skin/sleep disorders and leprosy. Cannabis Sativa is eloquently expressed as ‘a plant with an Angel residing in it’s leaves’

Lord Shiva is often depicted drinking ‘Bhang’ the story goes that after an emotional day with his family Shiva went for a walk. Weary and tried he fell asleep under the Cannabis Sativa, when he awoke, with thirst and curiosity he sampled Her leaves. Shiva instantly felt revived and rejuvenated, sometimes referred to as Lord of Bhang. 


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