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So what is Yin yoga?

Yin yoga is a slow, deep, silent and self seductive practice. It targets our ligaments, joints, bones and the deeper tissues within our bodies. The facia is a thin layer of film that dances around our entire body.

Stressing this fascia is a major element of a Yin yoga practice, this stressing is achieved by remaining within the posture for several minutes. A Yin yoga practice provides us with the missing elements of a Yang yoga practice.

Which is usually fast paced, moving the body actively and dynamically to the flow of our breath. One might describe Yin as the opposite to or other half of a Yang yoga class. We need both, contrast creates balance, without the day one cannot know the night.

CBD oil complements all yogic practices and is perfectly safe to use before, after or during your yoga class. CBD works particularly well with Yin, as recovery of muscles, joints and ligaments is one of the major benefits of this form of yoga.

Our bodies are continually subjected to external pressures, these pressures create blocks in our vital life force energy, our Chi. Stimulating these energies to move more freely, paired with activating the endocannabinoid system with the oil is a powerful combination.

This allows our energy to flow to and from where it needs to be. It enhances our immune system and generally lays a fertile landscape for a clearer more loving perspective of ourselves and improves our resilience to the pressures we all encounter on a daily basis.