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Hemp Our Panacea

Hemp may well be our world’s panacea, this plant works like no other, it offers us the potential of greater harmony with the Earth. This magical little plant holds so many of the answers we’ve been seeking. Hemp is a sustainable, reliable and an economically viable solution for the good of all. Here is just a few of the reasons why;  

Hemp is an excellent carbon sink, it absorbs carbon from our atmosphere more efficiently and on a larger scale than trees. One hectare (a rugby field) of hemp will absorb four times more carbon than one hectare of trees. It will also sequester (store) the carbon when harvested. Trees release all their carbon stores when felled. Since Cannabis Saliva’s prohibition in the late 1920’s, the thriving hemp paper industry essentially turned to dust. Hemp paper production was replaced by creating paper from tree pulp, deforestation has since increased by 400%.

Hemp is a source of sustainable, high quality fiber. It grows quicker than cotton (up to 7 meters in less than 6 months) uses less water, requires no pesticides or herbicides control as it is pest resistant. Hemp is easier to harvest, with one hectare producing 150% more fiber than cotton on the same amount of land. 

Hemp can be used to create bio plastics, one hectare has the potential to produce one tone of sustainable, fully biodegradable, durable, and environmentally sound alternative to plastic.  

Hemp-crete is made by mixing the raw materials from the plant with water and lime. The results, a fire and pest resistance, affordable, sustainable building that adjust to its environment. When the weather is cold the house contracts and retains the heat, when the temperatures outside rise the hemp-crete expands essentially allowing the building to breath. One hectare of hemp, can potentially create two houses.

Hemp absorbs and cleans toxins from land as well as from the air. Hemp is the perfect antidote to polluted landfills, over grazed fields or any piece of land that has been heavily exposed to toxins can potentially be cured with hemp. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1984 is a great example of just how impactful and helpful this plant is for our planet. Hemp will actively suck the toxins from the soil and encourage biodiversity back to even the most devastated of places. 

When planted on ‘test fields sites’ close to the epicenter of the Chernobyl nuclear explosion site. There was an exciting development, within one year toxicity levels in the soil reduced by 70% wildlife also began to return to the area.  Field researcher Vyacheslav Dushenkov stated that “Hemp is proving to be one of the best phyto-remediative(soil cleaning) plants we have been able to find’’  The toxic hemp plant matter from Chernobyl is then be used to create a fully sustainable biofuel.

Hemp as a biofuel, non toxic, pollutant free fuel can be used in cars, trucks anything with an engine that is designed to take biofuel. This is how the harvested hemp from polluted areas such as Chernobyl is and can be utilized, nothing is wasted, everyone including the planet benefit.   

As an alternative cash crop hemp will greatly reduce dependency on imports from other countries and allow smaller countries more freedom and independence. Hemp can potentially provide all cities and towns with a reliable renewable building material, protein packed food source, medicine, fiber for clothing, animal bedding, fuel, a super food source, sustainable homes, buildings, cars and a strong environmentally friendly bio plastic. 

Hemp Higher Yoga intends to hold the light for this amazing little plant and help humanity understand the importance of hemp for our future on this planet. We have the potential to grow a socially conscious, practical alternative cash crop that caters for every human need, from clothing to shelter, medicine to food. 

May we, the people, collectively realize our deep dependence, our ultimate connection and our intimate relationship with Muladhara Chakra a.k.a. Mother Earth💚  


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