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The Spirit Of  This Plant Wants All Beings To Grow And Divinely Prosper

There Is No Other Plant On Our Planet At This Time That Offers Us A More Sustainable, Reliable And Economically Viable Solution To Almost All The Difficulties We As A Species Face.

From Hunger, To Clothing, Climate To Health, Housing To Packaging. Cannabis Sativa Can Provide Us With All We Need. In This CBD-Yin Yoga Workshop We Will Cover The Basics Of CBD, What It Is, How It Behaves In Our Bodies, Where It Comes From And Why We Need It.

Briefly Explore The Environmental And Economical Benefits Of Growing Cannabis And Its Potential To Provide Us Humans With Almost All Of Our Everyday Needs.

CBD Terms

Full Spectrum: CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids found in Cannabis Sativa plants. This definition is debated globally. However in Ireland in the year 2021, full spectrum oil contains a large amount of cannabinoids naturally found in cannabis plants.

Broad Spectrum: CBD oil contains limited amounts of cannabinoids, meaning the oil has certain ones removed, usually THC. CBD in Ireland may not contain more than 0.3% THC

CBD Isolate: is a crystalline powder that is considered pure CBD. Isolate is created through various chemical extraction processes, the crystals are usually ground down into powders that are easier to consume. It is rare to have a distinct smell or taste from isolated CBD.

Buying good quality CBD oil

CBD production is at an all time high right now. While many producers are trustworthy and reliable there are some quality assurances consumers need to
be aware of. Currently CBD oils sold in Europe should have a THC level less than 0.3%, look for oil that has been grown locally.

Ask questions before purchasing your oil, the producers or suppliers will be happy to answer them. If they are not happy to answer your questions don’t buy their product!! You can request certificates of compliance and quality assurance from reputable suppliers.

How to use CBD oil?

CBD oil does not alter our state of consciousness or our perception. You will not get high from using CBD oil. It is recommended that you ‘start low and go slow’ this assists us with two things.

One you will not waste your oil and two you will be able to assess your progress more easily if you follow this golden rule.

Golden Rule:

S t a r t l o w  and go slow’


Take one drop a day in the evening before bed for five days. Being consistent as with all other medicine or practice, consistency is key to understanding your WHY more. Leave the bottle beside your bed so you don’t forget. After five days begin a self assessment;

1 Why am I using CBD oil?

2 How am I feeling after the first 5 days?

3 What have I noticed?

4 Has CBD oil helped with…………?

5 Do I need to increase my amount ?

Sustainable Reliable & Economically viable uses for
hemp and a glance ?

Hemp Higher Yoga CBD oil is HSE & Food Safety Authority Approved grown on Irish soil by Irish farmers
using traditional farming and extraction methods.