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Reflexology & Astrology available hours:  Mon-Wed-Friday between 09:00 – 01:00 (morning) and 02:00 – 05:00 (evening) 

Reflexology & Astrology available hours: Tues & Thursday 12:00 – 05:00 pm


An ancient Chineses practice to treat our feet. The application of pressure on particular parts of the foot gently stimulates the organs, increases blood flow through our entire system and unblocks many of the 72,000 meridian lines running through the bodies! Reflexology decreases aches, pains, tummy upset, skin conditions.

As our guest you will experience a quite safe space to relax, unwind and recover naturally using this sacred healing art.

As a certified reflexologist with over 7 years experience Laura believes happy healthy feet play a significant role in our overall well being. Reflexology can relieve stress and tension, improve your energy flow and deeply enhance your overall well being. Indulge in a customized session that will address your unique needs, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated from head to toe.

Express Sess €35 for 30 minutes 

Full hour €65 for 60 minutes 

And special offers are as follows;

€35 for 30 mins or 5 for €140

€65 for 60 mins or 5 for €260

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So, what is Reflexology & how does it work?

Reflexology is the ancient art of foot and lower leg massage, which originated in China. Practiced globally for thousands of years. The Pyramids of Egypt depict images of foot massage.

The biblical story of Mary Magdalene, compassionately tending the feet of Jesus. The Taoist Buddhist teach that when we open our toes, we open our minds. ‘Open toes=open mind’ Reflexology is a sacred ritual, that is truly beneficial for our whole Being.

The idea is that we stimulate the meridian lines that travel to and from the feet throughout our whole body. There are approximately 72,000 of these meridian lines, one might describe these as our internal roadways. Like all roads they can become jammed or blocked. Reflexology clears these jams, stimulates our chi (life force energy) to move more freely through our internal highways, thereby creating a more balanced, holistic state.

The feet’s meridian lines can be traced from the Pineal gland reflex point, which is located in our big toes, to our tail bones who’s reflex point is in our heel! My teacher used to say, ‘Reflexology is the only treatment where your ovaries get massaged.’ As strange as this sounds, time and time again its proven to be true! Every organ in our body can be accessed via our feet.

Reflexology has been shown to greatly improve the chances of pregnancy, to help bring on labour when a baby is overdue, alleviate digestive issues associated IBS, Chrones disease and bloating. It doesn’t stop there, joint, muscle, sleep and skin conditions can all be alleviated and, in some cases, completely healed through regular reflexology sessions.

Our feet constantly bear our weigh, lead our way forward, keeping us upright and going first every single step of our journey through life. They are deeply rooted to Mother Earth.

They deserve our care, our attention and our respect for the tireless work they do for us. Belief in the process and a commitment to solve the aliments you are dealing with is required from you. Some clients experience immediate relief others may take a little longer. It is so important you are comfortable with me and the understand the work I will be doing on your body.

What to expect from a Reflexology treatment with Laura?

Expect your feet to be washed and welcomed, and a short consultation to ensure there are no reasons why you shouldn’t enjoy a session. Counterindications include any surgery in the last 3 months, early stages of pregnancy, deep wounds / cuts on the feet, broken bones in the feet, or ongoing cancer treatment.

Wear loose fitting trousers or a skirt so the skin from your knees downwards is accessible. Your eyes will be gently covered the idea is to relax and rest. Talking is optional, personally I feel it’s more beneficial to drift away and switch off the doing part of your brain. The room is a comfortable temperature, you will have a light blanket covering your upper body.

– I may or may not use a specific cream depending on what your feet need.

– I may or may not trim your toenails before we begin.

– I may or may not place healing crystals along your upper body.

– There will be soft healing music playing.

While I’m working on your feet, expect to feel medium to strong pressure at certain points, both feet are different, so the focus of the treatment will vairy from the left to right foot. At times you may feel waves or hot or cold, your tummy gurgling, or sensations in different parts of the body, this is all totally normal and generally experienced during a session. However, if you don’t feel anything like this that’s ok too, and nothing to worry about.

You are experiencing yourself and witnessing your own body’s behaviour. Please honour yourself during your treatment, if you need to adjust yourself, ask a question, adjust the temperature, get a drink, use the bathroom please do! My guarantee to you is that your feet will receive royal treatment and feel amazing after our session. My request is that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your treatment is due to begin, so you can get settled and relaxed in the space, slippers, herbal teas or cold drinks are provided.

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The study of the planets, constellations & the sky above us.  We all have a unique blueprint defined by our time, date and place of birth which can be explored. For example, knowing what constellation the moon was in at the time of your birth may best describe your emotional, inner, hidden world, how you feel deeply about yourself and those around you.

Astrology can help us gain celestial insights, empowering you with wisdom, and a clearer perspective on your beautiful unique life. Astrology won’t stop the rain, but it will tell you when to wear your raincoat! Hemp Higher Yoga offers personalized chart readings, knowing your time of birth is important for this process. Please allow up to one week for your individual birth chart to be completed from time of booking and consultation.

Full astrology chart, includes in person or online session €88

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