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Holistic Coaching

Hemp Higher Yoga is a wellness center located in the heart of Dublin’s North side, offering yoga, reflexology and astrology services. Our goal is to provide a sanctuary for people to relax, practice mindful meditation, and improve their physical & mental well-being. 

Discover Wellness
Within: Yoga, Reflexology,
& Astrology

Laura is a qualified reflexologist, yoga & wellness guide with a deep love for astrology. Who is passionate about our bodies natural ability to heal. Creator of hemp yoga mats & yoga workshops, Laura is committed to educating and promoting plants for the good of the planet and all Beings.  

A finalist in 2019, for Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, Laura presented her work on Hemp to the Green Party as a viable solution to solving economic, environmental and social problems for the country.

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Unlock Your Inner
Strength Naturally

Discover our Hemp Yoga & Grounding mats

 ” Trees are the poems the earth writes upon the Sky ” by Kahill Gibran

Our Hemp Yoga Mat Details:

  • Hand Rolled & packaged using environmentally conscious recyclable materials
  • Dimensions; Length 70 inches Width 24 inches depth 5mm
  • Easy to wipe clean, we recommend making your own natural chemical free mixture, 3 parts water 1 part vinegar and a few drops of your favorite essential oil
  • A % of your purchase goes directly to protecting our Earths’ forests

Our Hemp Higher Yoga mats promises you thousands of hours of supported yoga flow, it may become your most beautiful and inspiring meditation partner yet!

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Words of Praise from Our Clients

Laura Foley
Laura Foley
Love my yoga mat, delighted to get a hemp mat in Ireland. Really enjoying Laura's online classes, so peaceful and strengthening 🌿
Wendy Mc glone
Wendy Mc glone
Attended Laura's CBD Yoga Workshop last month. I haven't felt calm like it in a long time. Can't wait for the next one 👏
lynsey curran
lynsey curran
Great service, top quality product and very helpful staff. I have been using the CBD oil for a few weeks now and am already experiencing the great benefits from it. I was unsure about starting it and did not know how to start. I contacted the page and Laura contacted me and really took time to go through all my questions and answered them. I was very grateful for that. I highly recommend this product .

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